Monday, October 04, 2004


I have 7 cases of leftover formula from when the babies ate that sort of stuff. I have been trying to find someone to donate it to but it is impossible. I called the local hospital, they said that they do not have a contract with Mead Johnson, the makers, so they cannot take it. I have called a women's shelter, goodwill, salvation army and my county health department, all with no luck. Finally I found a shelter that will take it about 30 minutes away.

Why is it so hard to donate something like this? I see on the news every day about abused women, starving children, abandoned babies but nobody will take my $400+ donation of the number one brand of formula.



  1. I had the same problem. I ended up donating it to a local church that had a food pantry for the people in the neighborhood. I knew a mom that sold hers on Ebay got like $150! I thought that was kinda lame.

  2. A friend gave me some, but we bf, so I never used them. I donated mine to a group that supports children in foster care. I tried to donate it directly to two foster moms in my area via Freecycle (, but the two who agreed to take the cans never came to get 'em. So I donated the bag to an organization instead.


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