Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Things I Hate:

I hate:

  1. rainy depressing days unless I can stay in bed all day & watch lifetime
  2. cottage cheese although I keep trying it to see if I like it yet
  3. runny eggs
  4. the color red on me
  5. that I have regrets
  6. squash
  7. spiders and snakes
  8. when my cat pukes on my new carpet
  9. that I snack when I am bored
  10. eating dinner by myself
  11. heavy breathers
  12. when E snores
  13. seeing old people eating by themselves at restaurants
  14. people who try to use me as a head rest on a plane
  15. rude children
  16. Will Smith
  17. that I watch $40 a day on the food network even though I hate Rachel Ray
  18. that I am scared of being home alone at night
  19. that I didn't get my US weekly in the mail last week
  20. that I have nobody to call right now, because I am bored


  1. Hey I didn't get my US weekly either and had to go buy it! I did go on their website and told them to send me a copy. I hate Rachel Ray too. Talks with her hands too much.

  2. Amanda, it must be a US weekly conspiracy, those bastards!

  3. whenever i go on a flight, i buy us weekly. great guilty pleasure.

    i'm so sad that you had no one to call. you can call me. 612-986xxxx


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