Thursday, October 28, 2004

It is only 9am!

Ummm, yeeeaahh. Baby B decided to go into a drawer and take out the baby oil and spill it onto my new carpet.
I just sat on the floor and cried.
Does anyone know what I should/could do to fix it? Will it stain?


  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    A while back I saw a news report about the dangers of baby oil. It was in the nursery of course, and this baby tried to drink it and coughed and it got into the baby's lungs. The parents saw right away that the baby couldn't breath very well and she was immediatley taken to the hospital. Well being oily, it coated the breathing sacs (I forgot what they're called) of the lungs and there was no way to remove it and the baby died a few days later! Throw that stuff out!

  2. Julie Passage12:23 AM

    Hi i would like to introduce myself to you my name is Julie and i want to tell you about my nephew David W. Ayers. he will be 22 in little over a week from now. He weighes 31 pounds and is almost 5 feet tall. He does not talk, walk or willingly move on his own. He wears diapers and has to be fed food the consistancy of finely blended babyfood thickened slightly so he does not choke as every bite could be his last if he chokes to much. He is a very sick young man. Why you ask? Because when he was 15 months old he asperated on babyoil. He was in the hospital for a very long time and was expected to die at any time. To this day we worry that anymoment can be his last. He is very well taken care of and it is tough work but we love him and he is the light of our lives. It is worth doing trust me. He is a very special young man. I wish everyone could meet him. We were able to get a warning lable put on the bottles of babyoil but you had to look thru the bottle to the inside of the label to see it. Sadly it took Jaden Bryson also a twin to die from asperating on babyoil after living a month in the hospital to get child proof caps put on the bottles. Try googling the "dangers of babyoil" and look what you will find and if you look a little ways down the list you will see Ayers vs. Johnson and Johnson. That is the case about my nephew david. If you would like to see him go to "" and go to the archives and click on audrey yeager and scroll down to the story titled "the face of tragedy" it is about david . Feel free to e-mail me anytime at
    the very proud aunt of David W. Ayers


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