Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Kevin reminded me of flintstones vitamins. They so rocked. Each shape was delicious, but I really loved Pebbles. My nephew takes them now and I will admit here to stealing some in the not so distant past, for my own pleasure, mineral and vitamin needs.
I also remember as a teenager practically overdosing on St. Joseph aspirin because they tasted so good. My friend actually bought some just to snack on. They tasted like cotton candy powder, yum so good! I will have to get me some of those.
To this day I will wear a candy necklace. I love them. You are lucky those big diamond lollipop rings don't fit my fingers because I would rock those too. Then I would do what I did as a kid, place my hand stratigically on my chest and flip my hand around pretending to be at a coctail party with my real huge diamond ring.

Whose idea was it to get a tongue dispenser shaped sugar apparatus and have kids lick it & then stick it into more flavored sugars? Whoever invented it should get a prize. "Best sugar high" or "simplest idea for candy".
Something of that sort.

I am dying to send someone those retro candy boxes. Filled with awesome candy from my childhood. Lets be honest here, I am dying to get one. I have hinted around & nobody has sent me one yet.
Booooo Hiisssss


  1. I just had a conversation about those candy necklaces last weekend at the conference. One woman cracked me up by explaining just how stupid those things really were. Think about it. You put candy around some kid's dirty neck and eat it randomly throughout the day--after you've been rolling around in the dirt. Plus you don't eat it alone. You stretch that necklace so you can share some with your friends too. Ick.

    Although, I confess I'm a candy necklace fan.

    What about those blasted candy dots on rolls of paper? I swear that was someone's idea to make kids get more fiber. You usually ate more paper than candy anyway.

  2. When I was in sixth grade it was cool to snort the flavored sugar from those apckets. Must of been a prelude to all the drug use in high school. I love ring pops!

  3. this is EXACTLY the kind of conversations i get rolling and was talking about the other day in blogland. the 'your favorite candies of yore.'

    exactly. lik-a-maid. dots. (total acid hound i'd become..) pixy stix (coke). those crazy rings. what was up with that wax crap. i HATED it. unlike many other experiences in life, however, it only took me a couple of times to get burned and never go back.



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