Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend! I survived a haunted prison, waaay too many flirtinis, leaving the babies with a sitter and entertaining friends in my new house.

I love this fall weather, the air is so crisp here in NJ and it totally makes me in the "crafty" mood. I always get into crafts this time of year, I start knitting again and I bake & cook up a storm. I guess it is a nesting thing in cold weather.

I have to find some place to go for Christmas. This will be my first Christmas without my Dad and I don't think I can do it here. Too many memories.
I can't decide where to go though, we want to go somewhere as a family not too far away, for about 4 days. I guess we should go some place warm, I have never been anywhere but NJ on Christmas so that is a change!
Suggestions people?


  1. Come to Ohio. It's a great place to visit. And I make some fabulous wassail. :)

  2. we went to cancun about 5-6 years ago for Christmas, it was pretty cool, not very crowded, everything is still open, swimming on Christmas morning..it was weird, but cool in the same way


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