Thursday, October 21, 2004

Red Sox

Thank you, dear Red Sox, for finally doing what you always claim you can do. Thank you because now my husband is happy as a clam. He finally has something to hold over my sisters head. Thank you because the Yankees are too cocky and bringing them down a notch feels good.


  1. yeah...that absolutely rocked!!! i was so happy to see all those arrogant yankees fans near tears in their seats....and it was even better seeing the sox celebrating on the yank's has been even more fun razzing their fans in the office today, what a deflated bunch of people!!! i love every second of it

  2. it was so sad, my friend took me to lunch yesterday and he had on the yankee jersey and cap and he was all nervous and excited. i told him the yanks were going down and he looked so crushed.

    but i'm still glad the sox rocked them.

  3. awww, man. I'm still reeling because my beloved Yankees went down. sigh.

    It's OK, TG. I still loves ya. Even with that whole "loving the red sox" flaw. LOL


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