Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Calling All Moms

I need your help. My sister is having another baby in June. Her oldest is almost 5 so her baby "stuff" has been given away or tossed. I, being the great sister and Aunt that I am, have decided to buy her a stroller for the baby.
As you may or may not know, I have twins therefore had to buy only twin strollers which was a very limited search. I know nothing about single strollers.
She would like one what she can use with a car seat. So ladies, which stroller do you recommend?


  1. We had the Graco Quattro with our youngest daughter, and loved it. We still use it when we go to the mall, or on walks. Alot of people really love the Peg Perego strollers, also.

  2. we got one of those whole 'system' units at babiesrus. she loves her perego stroller though. we started using that at about 3 months...

  3. Golly, I'd have to see if I could even find the one that was best for us. We've had several strollers - one double stroller (I think it was the EDDIE BAUER version of some high-end stroller... I know, we're assholes for buying that. I actually can't remember why we bought that one, but it was so big and heavy we didn't use it that much. We gave it away to our next-door neighbor last summer).
    But I CAN tell you that, of all the stollers we've had (probably 6 to 8 in all), the ones we used the most (2 of them) were the CHEAP and LIGHTWEIGHT ones by some major manufacturer. One was just a light frame and the carseat sat on top of it and then there were a couple straps to secure it on there. Then after the kids graduated to a sit-down stroller, the cheap and lightweight foldup portable ones got far more use - even at home - than the bigger and heavier ones we had bought. Those ones got used the most. Very light and compact... and very hassle-free to get up and running if you took it in the car and wanted to go into the stores or something. Lesson here was the most expensive was not always the best alternative. Less was more when it came to strollers. At least that was our experience because the strollers that were either big, heavy, full of amenities, and/or pricey, really didn't get used all that much.


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