Friday, April 22, 2005

I Can't Do Anything without Chapstick

Sorry I haven't written in a few days, but really my life has been too mundane to write about.

I was watching Survivor yesterday and a few things hit me as I was watching it. I know they are on the island for 38 days or something like that, with just the clothes on their back. I just realized they are spending all that time in the same underwear. That is so freaking gross.
I think that is worse then no deodorant or no toothpaste. Seriously high temperatures, no soap, sweat, physical challanges, PERIODS and no change of underwear. These people are crazy.
I need my million to be tax free for no change of underwear. Perhaps that is why Richard Hatch decided not to pay his taxes silly little freak that he is.

Then I remembered these people didn't get to bring a "luxury item" like in the past. People have brought cards, state flags, backgammon things of that nature. I would bring chapstick.
I am thoroughly addicted to chapstick and could never be without it especially in a hot desert beach. I would bring minimally two standard black chapsticks. Maybe a cherry so if I was really, really hungry I could eat it.
E & I have discussed this. I would smuggle it onto the island if I had to.
Even in an orifice.

I am not kidding, I chap easily.


  1. Though I don't have Chapstick in an orifice, I DO have Chapstick in the following places:

    - My car (2)
    - My purse (1)
    - The office (1)
    - My nightstand (1)
    - My husband's car (1)
    - Winter coat (1)
    - Other coat (1)

    I am not kidding. I would die without it.

    I only get the black, regular kind though.


  2. You are so funny! I tried and couldn't really come up with anything that I would need that desperately...except maybe a laptop computer so I could BLOG!

  3. OMG!!! I too am a member of the Chapstick anonymous club. I keep some in every room of my house, several at work, and in all my purses. Friends buy me chapstick for birthdays and holidays. If I go one day without chapstick, then I will shrivel up and die.

  4. chapstick addicts unite!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Uh-oh, I am a Carmex girl. Can we still be friends?

  6. You sound like your already saved, but none the less, you should join my church:


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