Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tonight I Will take Two!

It is overcast here today & it totally fits my mood. I remembered at 9:45 last night that I forgot to take my sleeping pill, it was too late then because I wouldn't have enough sleep and in the morning I would have a hangover. Our daughter was in bed with us because she had been screaming in her crib for 20 minutes. Then I notice both her & E were asleep mouths agape.
I told E to roll over about 5 times because of his snoring. I finally had to make him go sleep in the other room. Then the dog starts snoring.
Just great.
I probably had about 3 hours sleep last night. Now I have the jitters because I had too much coffee. This day sucks already.

I ordered a potty training book, and I hope it comes soon because 4 shitty diapers a day is killing me. I am sick of changing diapers. I have done it every day at least 4 times a day for 27 months now.
I really have to be serious about it now, I am ready for my kids to be potty trained.
Any tips or hints for me?


  1. Julia was not ready till about 34 months and I just starting putting underwear on her. Expect a few accidents, but hey they are learning. Preschool helped me too.

  2. Girls are known to potty train earlier and more easily than boys, in general. We went through hell getting Logan potty trained. And he STILL doesn't want to poop in the potty. He's a stubborn bugger. He's announced that he will start pooping in potty when he starts kindergarten in the fall.

    But last summer already, when he spotted a megablock set he really wanted in the store.... get this. I told him I wouldn't buy the megablock set 'til he pooped in potty. Guess what he did. We got home, he immediately - and I mean IMMEDIATELY - went to the bathroom, put on his kiddie seat, pulled down his britches, and forced a load out into the toilet. Then demanded I go back and buy him the megablock set. Which I was compelled to do, since that was the deal. So the little bastard has known how to poop in the potty for a while. Having his britches full of poop doesn't phase him, either. He might even enjoy it. I'm afraid we may have to wait for kindergarten for him to make good on his word that he'll start pooping in potty at that time.
    Peeing in potty... different story. He does that just fine. So does his little sister, who's about 1½ years younger than him.
    But I'm probably the wrong one to ask for tips. In fact, I'll be checking back here to see if there's any good tips WE can use.

  3. I got lucky because my son always hated having a dirty diaper so as soon as we showed him he could go in the potty he went.

    He only had 2 accidents in his pull ups. We got lucky.

  4. Read Potty Training In Less Than a Day. Thanks to that book, my girls were trained at 22 months. I worship that book.


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