Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I find the whole Pope funeral/rituals/picking of a new pope thing fascinating. I am watching every bit I can of it on TV, I cannot believe how long that line is just to pass him by and pay respects.
But there is one thing I cannot stop thinking about. It is crazy and I wish it would stop popping into my head.

I am thinking about the man or men who "prepared" his body. They were probably the only ones besides hi mother, who ever saw him naked. I find that extra fascinating.

Don't tell me you weren't curious either.


  1. I am going to make sure my husband sees this post because I said the same thing last night and he looked at me like I was crazy.

  2. Vee, you are a girl after my own heart.

  3. Was catching up on reading blogs, saw this and LOL'd, literally. Being the good AP mama that I am (snicker), I took it a step farther and wondered if he is intact. Probably, since circ'ing isn't a widespread thing in Europe.

    I'm thinking a trip to confession is in my future, but how on Earth do you confess something like *that*?

  4. Wow, I hadn't even thought of that and now it'll be all I can think about.

  5. My family watched the Pope every chance we got! In 2000 I got to see the Pope in Rome! (My family and I lived in Italy at that time) (We also got pictures of the Pope sleeping at 12:00 in the moring)


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