Tuesday, April 19, 2005


There are a ton of dandelions in our yard. I told E to hire someone to fix the bare spot & put down some fertilizer this year, but he wanted to do it himself. He bought Scott turfbuilder dandelion control and spread it all over our lawn.
Apparently it doesn't work.
On the bright side the babies love the "yewool flowers".

I remember being a little girl, maybe 5 or so in my grandmothers backyard. There were a million dandelions and I would love to pick them for my mother. She would always put them in a little dixie cup on the window sill. I wondered why more people didn't pick them, why I never had seen them sold at flower shops.
My mom told me they were weeds not really flowers but she loved them anyway. She never threw them out when I wasn't looking, assuming I would forget about them.
I love her for that.


  1. Weed control fertilizers need to be put down BEFORE the seeds germinate, as the way the active ingredient works is to prevent germination. Same thing with crabgrass control. So if you're seeing weeds/dandelions/crabgrass already, you missed the boat for this year. Similarly, if you're putting down some grass seed, or doing spot treatments, you want to allow that seed to germinate before putting down the weed control or else the weed control will stop the good seed from germinating.

  2. My kiddo loves the dandelions too...so I am using her as an excuse not to do anything about them! LOL

  3. I feel much better about my dandilion ridden overgrown lawn.


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