Thursday, April 14, 2005

Poor Us

I really don't have any time to write toady, which is good for me because I have nothing to write about. My babies are sick and I think I have to take them to the doctor. They started with runny noses little coughs, but now I think my son is wheezing.
I have asthma and when I was pregnant my pediatrician told me the chance of my kids having asthma is pretty high, so I am nervous.

Wish us well, there is nothing worse then a sick baby unless you have two sick babies!


  1. Oh no! Sorry the little ones are sick. I will keep my fingers crossed the little guy just has a cold :)

  2. good luck at the doctors. i hope it's just a cold!!

  3. wishes of good luck are being sent your way!!!

  4. I was reading you blog and saw where you said your doc said it was highly your childern could get ashma ( i think that is how you spell it ) but, they also told me that to and mine has been so lucky..I hope you are too as well...
    Good luck


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