Friday, April 08, 2005

Today, Tomorrow and the Next

Tonight we are having one of E's friends from work and his new wife over for dinner. This is all new to me. I have never met these people so I am frantically cooking & cleaning.
It took me forever to decide what to cook (I almost threw in the towel and ordered something from chick-fil-a) but I finally decided on chicken marsala, rice pilaf and broccoli.
Do you guys think that is a good choice?

Tomorrow is the big day. My Birthday. Enough said. We also have out last day of Gymboree for awhile, we are not going to sign up for the spring classes. We will do it again in the summer.

Sunday we are going up to North Jersey to go visit Dora the Explorer's house. They are having a life size replica that you can walk through and you can take pictures with Dora, the works. The kids will love it I am sure. Any Jersey peeps going to be there?

So that is my weekend in a nut shell. What is everyone else up to?


  1. Happy Birthday!

    (Sorry, I won't be in Jersey hanging with Dora).


  2. Happy Birthday!! How old??

  3. yummy dinner, can I come over.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog...and do tell, where oh where is this Dora house? Must take the Princess to see it!

  5. Happy Birthday! Dinner sounds like it will be yummy.

  6. Thanks everyone!
    Jersey Girl, Dora's house will be at Willowbrook Mall tomorrow & Sunday. Very exciting.

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Hope E gets you something good!!

  8. Happy Birthday Tuesday! I hope you have a GREAT day!!

  9. Happy Birthday! (sorry couldn't be there) Try visiting my blog

  10. Hey TG! Happy Birthday! Hope your weekend went well, and that all your loved ones were very very nice to you on this special day. So tell us, what did you get?

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
    I hope Dora has a big cake for you!
    We are hours away from NJ but your weekend sounds like fun.

  12. Happy Birthday to you!

  13. I think that is an excellent dinner! Make sure you don't drive yourself batty cooking and cleaning, or you will have no time to enjoy it!

    Happy Birthday!

    My daughter would love to see Dora's house. Don't tell anyone, but even I would love it! Have fun!


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