Thursday, April 28, 2005

This and That

Constantine got booted last night on American Idol. What is up with that? No really, who voted for Scott, the girlfriend beater?
I really hate this show, but I find myself watching every week. Anthony & Porky Pig are SO much worse then Constantine. I thought he would win considering all the girls loved him and we all know this show exists because of teenage girls.

Tom Cruise is dating Katie Holmes?! Katie, he is too old and strange for you, just say no to Scientology and go back to Dawson. I can't stand to lose one more person to scientology. It is just wrong man.

Did anyone see Oprah yesterday? They had loads of desperate women who want this comedian turned author to tell them the truth about their relationship. I mean it is crazy to think that they should talk about the relationship with the actual person they are in the relationship with right? Anywhoo, these chicks had problems like "we have been dating for months but still nobody knows who I am, it is a secret" and "he left me at the alter, but I really want closure & to see why he didn't want me". Ladies, please.
It makes me so sick to see grown women thinking this is a problem. He keeps you a secret? MOVE ON. He left you at the alter? MOVE ON. He hits you, puts you down, hates all of your friends, never has a job or doesn't like animals? MOVE ON.


  1. I'll take Katie and you take Tom...


  2. Johnny, you can take Katie, but I am NOT a Tom fan. yuk.

  3. A'ight, dawg, WTF is with American Idol? I can't understand how anyone is voting for that sausage-fingered girlfriend-beater! He has got to go!!!

  4. I am not watching American Idol again. Pisses me off. Tom Cruise is like 5 ft. tall. She can have him :)


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