Friday, April 15, 2005


Well, Baby A & B are sick with a little cold. Baby A's cold went into his chest and he needed a nebulizer for his meds so he will stop wheezing. Poor kids.
It is so sad to see them so tired and weak but try to play. Very cute, I love them with more love then one person should have.
We are going to Toys R Us today to get them bikes. Baby A has been asking for a "yellow bike" for a week now. He would LOVE a john Deere tractor ride on, he is fascinated with tractors. Such a boy.

Why did they remake Amityville Horror? Did it need to be remade? Seriously.

Nothin much going on here this weekend. Tomorrow we are thinking of going to a animal rehabilation center around here & maybe do some planting. Our yard needs a lot of TLC.


  1. Sorry the babies have a cold. I heard they remade that movie. I heard the story was a big joke anyway. Still scares the shit out of me though.

  2. Sorry to hear they are sick. You are right--nothing worse than TWO sick babies. My babies both started a fever last night too, so the fun begins again.
    Hope they enjoy their bikes. You know, there is a large, ride-on bulldozer at ToysRUs. It's a pedal toy. When we were on vacation in Portland, we went to a ToysRus for them to get a small toy to play on the airplane with, and the boys saw that and would not get off, even my 6year old! So we brought one home with us and it's been great for them! Anyhow, hope they get better when they see their bikes! : )

  3. Sorry your babies are sick :( Its the worst. My Princess just got over the worst stomach virus - NOT fun. Have a great weekend.


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