Thursday, February 16, 2006


So, my great NY doctor wasn't hot, or you know there would have been pictures. He was distinguished with a strong jaw line and attractive personality, but he also was in his 60s. Not really my type. Like I said though, he was great and I feel much better.
My surgery will be in late March and I feel confident about the whole thing.

I finally got an appointment at my salon for a touch up on my highlights and a trim. I really needed both but I was too busy with other things to try and make time for it. I did it yesterday though, and it sure makes a gal feel better doesn't it?
The girl I go to for my haircuts was off yesterday so I went to someone new, Justin. Nice, young, not that cute but nice. Rocker dude, lots of tats, you know they type.
He did a couple of snips of hair on my boob and kind of went for that extra feel, if you know what I mean. He also "measured" my hair in front on my boobs with a little extra feel as well. Hey, I don't mind.
I figure any other feel up besides my husband is bonus for me and the feeler-upper.
It's win/win in my book.
Besides, then I didn't have to tip him so much.


  1. Let's face it, you deserve a little extra in your life right now!!!!

  2. i'm glad you know about the grab ass/tip adjustment :)


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