Friday, February 17, 2006

Open Bath

Why is it that every time I have workers in my house, they feel the need to take a ginormous crap in my bathroom?

Yesterday it was the Directv guy. I had to flag the bathroom until I had time to clean it, so the whole day I had to run upstairs to pee and well, I like convenience.
I get that you are in a car all day & you have to pee & poop somewhere but it is like they all talk and know my bathroom is the best, so to hold it until they get here.
I mean I do have the best toilet in the world, but C'mon guys, save some for home.
I wonder if I can win some kind of award for that.

The worst was the alarm guys last year because they whole house smelled for at least 30 minutes. I wanted to die.

I am going to have my upstairs bathrooms redone and now I fear that I will have to rent a porta-potty for when the workers are here.
I will have to send them outside for their craptastic adventures.
The neighbors should love that.


  1. Wait- the Direct TV guy actually took a crap in your bathroom? That is just wrong! I am now never going to let anyone use the bathroom :)

  2. the workers that come to my house never have to use the bathroom, but my hubby's friends always feel the need to drop a bomb in there every once in a while. Then they act like they don't know what the air freshner is for, or how to at least open a window.

  3. N-A-S-T-Y!!!! I don't know that any worker has ever used out bathroom...we've offered sodas and water...esp to our movers this past year...but they didn't use the bathroom...Im sooo sorry... You should post a sign on the door when workers are there about using air fresher, a candle or opening the window...they may think twice about actually using it if work is involved...

  4. I think you should start LYING and telling people your bathroom is out of order. That's just gross! People crapping in your bathroom? Did they atleast give you a discount! LOL

  5. ooooh... i love your blog... and the "yur drunk" one too!

    as for the bathroom "issue"... well, that is just wrong. and you know yuck? and, pass the lysol...

  6. That is so incredible uncooth. Who does that! I would have reported him, I understand it's a bodily function but come on!


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