Friday, February 24, 2006

You Are My Obsession

I was caught watching my guilty pleasure movie this past weekend. I have to watch it everytime it is on and I kinda hate myself for it.
The movie is : Selena.

That is right, Jennifer Lopez's breakout part. There is just something about it, the over done red lipstick, the fact that the woman who plays her Mother is as young as her, the sad, true story of her life.
I am just hooked. Love it.
Other guilty pleasures are: any documentary on MTV, Funions on a bagel with cream cheese, Pretty Woman and popping E's pimples.

I know you will never think of me in the same way.

What are your guilty pleasures?


  1. movies:
    *all things adam sandler
    *all things keanu reeves!

    *french fries dipped in chocolate shake
    *grilled pb&j
    *chocolate marshmallows

    *looking at the q-tips every time it comes out of my ear
    *sniffing dental floss and being grossed out every time
    *and finally, i don't think my farts smell bad at all.


  2. I can't do this, we'll never speak again!
    okay, I'll risk it...
    MTV seems I'm on that channel all day on weekends...
    Eating french fries or those kettle cooked (extra crunchy) potato chips. (I want to lose 20 pounds, it's not going to happen...)
    Sleep. (didn't know how good it was until i gave birth and lost it!)
    There's a million more, I may have to do a post about it...

  3. Delurking to say I love that movie too!!!

    Other guilty pleasures: french fries with mayo, the movie Armageddon, new socks, and, of course, chocolate frozen yogurt with chocolate Magic Shell and chocolate sprinkles - mmm!

  4. Girls always have those guilty obsessions, and yes i'm embarrassed about them too!

  5. You are so funny. No mine involves french fries too. I actually hide when I do this in public but I eat mine with a package of honey from Mickey D's.

  6. Okay, I love the movie "Junior" with Danny Divito and Arnold. I know, I know. But it makes me laugh!

  7. Don't you ever tell a soul - you have to promise, but I absolutely adore the move Footloose, because I'm not-so-secrely in lust/love with Kevin Bacon. Oh yeah, I also just love the movie!!

  8. I will not admit to watching Selena every time I see it on. You can't make me! :)

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