Monday, February 20, 2006

Still Poor

I didn't win big lotto money. Booo hiissss.

Now I am back to being poor. Sigh.

today I have a second opinion with a doctor in my town. I didn't really want to go because I am 100% on board with what the first doctor told me, but I didn't cancel in enough time, so out of courtesy I will go. It will be good to see what this doctor says anyway. It can't hurt.

Now here is a question, why don't they make kid's gloves long like a legwarmers for arms? That way they glove will not come out of the jacket and get that ring around your sleeve, where you arms are red & cold. Long enough to put on, put the jacket on over and your wrists are protected.
I am going to invent that, because I am sick of these tiny kid gloves.

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