Monday, February 27, 2006


I loved your guilty pleasures! I am not alone in being strange, what a concept. I noticed a lot of you have odd things you dip your fries in. I say be free, dip your fries in mayo and ranch dressing and tartar sauce in public and be proud.
We all need to come out of our own fry closet.
Hi, I am Tuesday and I love dipping my fries in my chick-fil-a BBQ sauce*.

I also forgot another guilty pleasure movie of mine, Fools Rush in with Selma Hayek and Matthew Perry. It is bad and good all at the same time.

This weekend we had the kids birthday party at a kids gym type place. They were in love, but not at first, at first they were crabby, and shy.
My kids who are never shy and are only crabby when I am alone with them.
The first 25-35 minutes of what will now be known as themostexpensivethreeyearoldbirthdaypartyintheworld, were spent asking E & I to hold them and burying their faces in our shirts.
Then finally they got into it and played with their cousins and friends. But for awhile there it was touch and go.
We had a great time and the kids finally had a birthday party.

Now no more parties until I know they will have full recollection of it for many, many years.

*Chick-fil-a BBQ sauce should be able to be purchased in vat forms and I would buy a vat and bathe in it because I am in love with the sauce. I really love it and stock pile it in my cabinets.
The sauce is the boss.


  1. i have never had chic-fil-a. i've never even seen one.

    send me some!

  2. Isn't that what the BBQ sauce is for?

  3. nita, I am sending you some asap!
    You have been deprived.

  4. See, now I thought that that's what the Polynesian sauce is for at Chick-fil-A- the waffle fries! That's the only way I eat them.

  5. Oh their food is great! Little pricey in comparison...but very good!

    - Jon
    - Daddy Detective


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