Wednesday, February 22, 2006


My kids are sick again. They haven't been sick for 12 months and now they have been sick twice in the last three months.
We are going to the doctor this morning, I just want to get them checked out. They are having their birthday party on Saturday so I pray they are ok by then. We spent so much money on this party and it will be their first birthday party. They are so looking forward to it and especially because my daughter was sick for Christmas and didn't even open any gifts, I want them to be healthy.

You know what they don't teach you in any baby books or Mom's classes? How to teach a kid to blow their nose.
It is a difficult task to explain but once mastered, very valuable. I try to teach my kids. I scrunch up my nose and make the sound of snot flying out of my nose and into a tissue, but teh kids just sniffle.
Then I need to get a tissue, because now I have loosened up my sinuses.
It is never ending.

Who wants to come over and teach my kids to blow their noses? Oh and then you can potty train them too.


  1. LOL! I remember only to well the snot blowing days of my kids youth! Try telling them to push the air through their nose. I tried and tried to teach them to blow, and my German Grandfather said, "dear they don't blow with their noses, they push the air" (language differences are a wonderful thing) So I tried his way and it worked!

  2. I did a little web search and found this on BabyCenter:

    Staff member Mollie Hart helped her toddler Nicky learn to blow his nose by telling him to pretend he was blowing out a candle with his nose. Eventually it worked. BabyCenter writer Natalie Whitlock and her daughter Abbie made a game of blowing little tissue pieces across the table with their noses.

  3. Little Man was sick for his first birthday/ sucked because most of the day I was chasing him with kleenex. I hope they feel better!
    Oh-and when i try to get him to blow his nose he makes like a raspberry sound (with his mouth), because apparently that's the sound his babysitter makes when she blows her nose!

  4. do they just put thier noses into the tissue and do nothing? Ineffective but really cute.

  5. Totally good point... nose blowing is absolutely key...

    If you find someone who is willing to come and potty train your kids, give me their number as I am willing to pay big money to NOT have to do it myself... cuz I am really lazy that way...

  6. I would say, wait til they take a deep breath and then clap your hand over their mouths, really tightly.

    but the babycenter ideas seem better...


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