Monday, February 20, 2006

The Yikes! Factor

Two "yikes!" factors today.

First: when I walk into a doctors office for a consultation on something that may or may not be cancer, I do not want your first question to be "do you have a living will".
On second thought I don't want that question asked of me at any appointment including a manicure.

Secondly: My husband has clogged his toilet with two* flushable wipes. Granted he doesn't have the world's best toilet with a history of 0 clogs in the past 13 months, but still.
He is currently in said bathroom with the following paraphernalia; one rubber glove, an old plunger and plastic bags.
AND he has been in there for 8 minutes and counting.

This cannot have a great ending.

* he is sticking to the story that it is only 2.
I don't believe him.


  1. maybe the clog is left over from your maintance guy the other day...that would be a triple YIKES no???

    xo lyns

  2. So will be stocking up on bran muffins at Costco this weekend?


  3. I don't like the doctor, or toilets.

  4. some doctors and their manners

  5. I can understand if you were asked about a Living Will or Advance Directive upon being admitted to a hospital, but at a doctor’s appointment? That was cruel, unnecessary and irresponsible on the doctor’s part.


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