Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Beautiful Baby

I love babies, they are so cute and small and always give me baby fever. Don't even get me started on the smell of babies. They always smell so good and the outfits! The outfits are so teeny tiny and cute. I don't even mind changing a tiny baby's dirty diaper, it is ok because look at how small the baby is!

I always congratulate the Mother on her new arrival and I always say how cute the baby is.

Sometimes that is a lie.
Yes, I lie to new Mothers and even a few old Mothers, and tell them how cute their kids are, when in reality I don't think they are that cute.

Lets face it, newborn babies are rarely cute, some look like aliens, others look like garbage pail kids and if they are born with a lot of hair some look like baby monkeys. I say they are cute because I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. They may be cute some day!

Not all kids are gorgeous, they will be to you, because they are your kids. Am I a terrible person for leading a parent on, telling them how cute I think their kids are, when in truth they are really not?
I mean when in doubt, just compliment the baby.

So next time you are out strolling your baby and you meet me, and I tell you your baby "is just adorable" make sure I am not twitching.
If I am, then just keep strolling.


  1. What I have slowly discovered over the years is that the "cute" babies are not-so-cute toddlers and the ugly babies are too cute when they reach 2 or 3.

    Those who know I have this theory are never sure how to take the compliments I bestow on their kids.

  2. Usually I think babies are adorable as well, until today when I ran into "uni-brow" baby at the mall. The poor thing looked like the "evil" baby on the Simpsons.

    I would have lied to that mom for sure :)

  3. So any comment you may leave on my blog about how cute my baby is, might not be the complete truth? Unbelievable!

  4. Kelly your baby really is cute, if I tell people their kids are cute on their blog I mean it. If I didn't think so I wouldn't comment at all.

  5. heehee. i was looking at old pix of rio the other day and man! good thing she grew into her giant head! hahahaha.

  6. Damn - now I'm going to be weary of anyone that said anything about my children.

    The truth? ANd everyone knows this - a child is only Beautiful to its parents. I know that each one of my boys went through a "phase." And, I was so happy to see those come and go.

    But, as parents, we know they are beautiful because we know them and they are OURS :)


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