Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Home Again, Home Again

I am have made it back to my clean, yet strangely smelling like patchouli, home.
I wonder what went on while we were gone that it smells like patchouli, and I am really grossed out by it. I will have to ask E when he gets home.
I am sure it was some sort of debauchery.

My family's beach house is amazing. It is a new huge and beautiful home filled with wonderfully soft towels, soft linens and endless bottles of water. The kids and I had a great time.

The first day out B was pushed down by a wave and that was it for the water for the next two days. Yesterday she finally got enough courage to slink back down to the waters edge and try jumping over the waves that trickled in. I am proud of her, she was overcoming her fear and I think that she is very brave.

Baby A was in the water with me, nonstop. It didn't take long for him to go from jumping the waves, to laying on a boogie board on the shore line to in the ocean with me, jumping the big waves like a pro. He was splashed in the face a few times and fell but he got right back up.
He only wanted to go into the ocean though, so I had to convince him a few times to play with his sand toys while I relaxed and read a magazine.

The kids were great on the beach, even napping in the sand and playing nicely. We were on the beach for at least 5 hours yesterday and they were perfect angels the entire time.
I actually did get a little tan and the kids didn't get burned, which was my main concern. I applied, and reapplied about 4 times on all of yesterday. I am fair but I tan and my kids have my coloring I think, but you can't take any chances when it comes to being outside without sunscreen.

The only downside to my mini vacation was that I have been missing my Dad a lot lately and thinking about him often. The ocean does that to me, because it is where some of my fondest childhood memories took place.
I am trying not to dwell on it to much because I am just so happy to have had a little break at the beach, even if E wasn't there to help.


  1. Glad you had fun. I miss the ocean, haven't been there because of my stupid job...hoping to get there at least once this summer.

  2. What is it about a beach that can create such memories?

  3. Sounds like a good time. But what was up with the Patchouli?? lol

  4. Patchouli and debauchery? I'm interested to know!

  5. Sounds like alot of fun! I hate the smell of Patchouli.

  6. The memories of your dad are a gift, too. Wouldn't it be ever so much worse to have NO memories of him or if the ones you had were all bad? Noooo you don't want that. But I certainly understand the melancholy that can set in when you take a few moments to think about those special times and WHO made them special to you.


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