Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Makeup Meme

Very Mom started this meme of sorts and since I loved it, I decided to participate.
Here is my makeup bag and its contents:

Here we have my trusted old makeup bag, big enough to carry a small child. I have various lipglosses, Mac Lipglass in Culture and Beaux and Juicytube in Miracle.

Loreal mascara that I never use, because it sucks. I only use Clinique mascara, it is the only wand I like and I have tried them all.

Various brow brushes and a Mac cheek brush that is part of a set which may be my prized possesion. Also some eye liners. One in black the other in charcoal grey.

Eye lash curler. Love it.

Mac blush in Slave to Love and Springsheen (which is my new love)

Clinique shadows in soft shimmer, be mine, seashell pink, fawn satin, beach plum, double date and a couple more that the names are scratched off of.

This is just one of my makeup bags mind you, I have another smaller one behind it and I just couldn't document all of my shit. There also may, or may not be some more makeup in my bathroom and about 8 more lipsticks in my purse.

I also have a massive container of Neutrogena lotion sesame formula which is so light and smells SO good. It is my favorite. I also have a vat of lotion to the right in creme brulee scent. Good, but you want to lick yourself after you put it on.

As a bonus I will show you more lotions and my perfumes. Voila!


  1. It is becoming clear to me that I need to visit Clinique, MAC, and Sephoria and get rid of my Revlon products. :) Thanks for participating!

  2. I have a little bit of everything. If I knew where our digital camera was (still unpacking some things) then I'd take a picture. You'd be appaled at the amount of makeup I have. I'm an addict.

  3. I might have to try the Nutrogena Sesame Formula lotion... sounds amazing. I've never tried anything MAC... what should a MAC beginner try?

  4. Stacitee, around the holidays Mac has great brush sets in a great case. They are not the professional brushes, but they are great and easy to travel with and affordable, about $35.
    I would try some lipstick or lip gloss first. Go with "Prrr" it looks great on everyone and I have been using it for 6 years now!

  5. Wow - I think my entire collection would fit in the space of your lip stuff. :)

  6. I don't wear make-up but I swear by Juicy Tubes. I have three in my purse right now, Miracle (YAY!) Spring Fling, and Berry Bold. They are my biggest purchase about three times a year, because I stock up on them.

  7. Looks like my makeup bag!

  8. I LOVE the MAC blushes. I have a few colors too!

  9. I have three FULL drawers of makeup. I mostly use Clinique, but I also have alot of MAC. For whatever reason though, I haven't found a mascare that I like better than Max Factor so I stick with that. But for perfume it's ONLY Mackie or Armani Code (which is to DIE for... OMG go out and get it NOW if you don't have it. My husband LOVES it and will buy me pretty much anything when I wear it LOL! But Mackie is my old standby that I wear everyday. It's perfect for everything)


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