Sunday, August 06, 2006

Breast is Best

I am off to the beach with two kids, a zillion toys and no computer. I will be taking a blogging break while I am away.

I am sure you are upset.
No really, I will be back.
Stop crying, I will be back before you know it.

Before I go, i wanted to talk about this article I read and I even saw a report about it on one of those morning shows.
I really am not too shocked about how people reacted to the picture of a baby breastfeeding. Breast in this country are for sexual purposes only, and if you see a picture of the breast for its intended use, well, that is disgusting.

I hate that women are forced to hide to breastfeed their children, for fear of men or children might see what is a natural happening, a child being fed.
I think we need to support more women in doing what is best for their children, and breastfeeding is what is best, even the formula companies agree with that.

Now, I am stepping off my soap box and going to the beach.


  1. I totally agree with you..which is why I unashamadly breastfeed in public whereever I am.... It takes a woman who is also comfortable with her body to not be ashamed... but I agree with you and I have enjoyed all the places I have done it... the Y, the food court, the beach, on the ferry, in dressing rooms, or uncomfortable bathrooms for me... I was once asked not to breast feed somewhere and I decided to always breastfeed there in the future... they got the idea!!! stay on the box...have a great trip!!

  2. Lord, that article pissed me off something awful...before the baby was born I swore up and down that I would never be able to breastfeed in public...I got over that real quick. I have done it everywhere and in front of everyone and woe to anyone who wants to make a disparaging remark. Fortunately I haven't had any negative experiences, I would hope that most people with an ounce of sense and maturity would realize, hey...that's what breast are there for!!!

  3. I didn't breastfeed often in public, but gosh it is such a normal thing. So irritating when people think it isn't. Hope your beach trip is going well. I am jealous!

  4. I must admit that I was grossed out by breast feeding up until about 3 months ago when Grayson was born. Since then, I think that it is completley normal and have even started doing it in public...with a cover of course. I am not that much of an exhibitionist. I do think that our society is to blame, but I do think that the feeling about breast feeding is changing.

  5. Three "cheers" for nursing in public!

    ( * )( . ) ( . )( * ) ( * )( . )

    Heh - y'know I had to LOL

  6. Anonymous3:32 PM

    With my first son I 'hid' all the time. The second one, I could give a damn. I'll whip it out anywhere.

  7. I had no problem breastfeeding in public - and the fact that people are upset about this photo sickens me. It really shows their true colors - and how perverse they are - breasts are actually NOT a sex toy - they are there to feed our children.


  8. Have fun at the beach.

    My dh was the one that showed me the pic on the internet and he was laughing saying it looks more like a elbow next to the baby's mouth than a boob. There's not even a nipple in the pic! I totally agree though, it is stupid. I'm glad I was able to breastfeed my kids and looking forward to doing it with the next.

  9. What boggles my mind is how many times I breast fed my kids in public and no one had a clue.

  10. I am bf now and I bf in the dr office and in the car in front of the movie theater and then in the movie theater when we went to see Clerks II cause I had to take the new baby with me. I usually put a blanket over to give us some privacy and to avoid the assinine comments from idiots. The cover of that magazine did not bother anyone I know, but I was shocked at how many women were such jerks about it. My DH said "Yay boobs!" so I am sure thats how lots of normal guyst felt.
    My opinion is that you see more boob than that on TV or other magazines or even at your local pool every day. Theres at least that much boob on the cover of Cosmo every month, should we write them letters??

  11. I can't believe this is still an issue for some Americans. As far as husbands being offended--I thought guys liked to see breasts as often as possible? ("Yay breasts!") Am I missing something here?

  12. Anonymous12:39 PM

    holy crow.

    i can't get started. in this country people look the other way while others suffer in a myriad of ways, at their feet! but they have the energy to be 'outraged' at a picture of what appears to be a breastfeeding baby?! i'm speechless. well, kinda. you know what i mean...



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