Wednesday, August 02, 2006

See That Puddle? Yeah, That is Me.

I have read so many bloggers complain about the heat this summer, but this post is different because, well, because it affects me.
It is supposed to be 104 here today and the heat index is going to be 115.

This is New Jersey people, this is not Arizona where it is a "dry" heat. It is So humid when you walk outside the heat hits you in the face like a wall. An oppressive, hot, wet wall.
They also say the air quality is so bad, that you shouldn't be outside today at all.
What is that all about?

Today the kids and I are going to the free movies to watch Babe, and then I need to find a cover up for my bathing suit.
Fun for all! Limited time outside!

God, I love summer.


  1. Heat?

    What heat?

  2. Yuck. That makes me glad we moved out of NJ! LOL. My friends still live there and they said the air is so thick you can cut it with a knife. I can't imagine!

  3. I went out for lunch (big mistake) and I swear when I opened the door to my air-conditioned office and stepped outside I couldn't breathe! It's ridiculously hot and humid and I'm actually hoping the thunderstorms hurry up and get here just to get rid of the stagnant air...
    Oh- and there are highway signs here that say "Ozone Alert Day-carpool or use public transportation"...ummm- I'm already on the highway! HELLO!
    Stay cool, mama~

  4. isn't it terrible!
    The kids are dying of boredom from being inside all day every day for the past week.

    We need a pool.

  5. I agree with Tuesday Girl.

    This is just the type of weather that makes me want to lounge around in a pool all day.

  6. It's not the heat. It's the humidity.


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