Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Feed a Cold

You guys like to see my makeup huh? Maybe I will post the other makeup bag and its contents tomorrow. Unless you don't care, which you probably don't.
I get it.

I don't feel great today, this dreary, rainy weather doesn't help. I am fighting off a headache and I feel a chest cold coming on.
How am I supposed to fight off this terrible cold when my favorite soup store will not have my "chicken pot pie filling" soup for another two weeks?
Why, is there a chicken soup shortage in NJ that I wasn't aware about?

Really I could make the darn soup myself but that brings about the question as to how committed I am about this soup. Committed enough to go to the store with two kids, buy ingredients then wait hours while I make it?
Honestly I was just up to call E and ask him to pick me up the soup on his way home.
That was as far as I wanted to go with it.

I really hate being sick in the summer, no good comfort foods.

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  1. Who makes this chicken pot pie soup??? That sounds fabulous!


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