Monday, August 28, 2006

Who Has It Worse?

My son has been crying for about an hour now. I put the kids in for their nap and he started crying immediately. He doesn't want to sleep in the room I put them in, their bedroom, he wants to sleep in another bedroom. Apparently it is a "bad room" and "not the good room" for sleeping.
I told him no because when I do let him "sleep" in the other room he gets up and plays with his toys instead of sleeping.

Now he is screaming and crying, mostly because he is tired, but also because he is stubborn. Like his mother.
Now I am wondering who is getting punished here? Me because I have to listen to his crying for a silly reason or him because I am not giving in to him?

Should you give in or will that teach children that is they cry long, or hard enough they eventually will get their way?
Should you always stand your ground because that teaches kids consequences, or what Mom says goes?
I try to let myself give in to the kids if I decided it is not worth the battle. I have to watch myself trying to keep my word just to let them know who is the boss instead of letting them get away with things every once in awhile.
It really is a fine line.

My daughter already knows that if she asks me something and I say "no" or "later" to go right to her father and ask him.
I think that is advanced. I thought I would have to wait another 5 years before I saw that behavior.
Obviously our children are beyond sneaky already.
Little do they know, their Mother is the queen of all sneaks.


  1. Stand your ground. The little demons will have you groveling the moment you give. Aside from that, I totally love the mind games kids play at that age. Now if I had half that power...*wringing hands greedily*

  2. I have been having the same issue with my little one...major separation anxiety, I walk into a different room and she throws a fit...the other day she actually threw up from screaming...she had her eight month check-up today and I asked the doctor about it. He diagnosed her with both temper and attitude and advised me to let her go at it or else I will be in for it for years to come.

    I guess I need to go out for earplugs.

  3. Never give in on naptime. Naptime is the best time of the day.


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