Tuesday, August 29, 2006

School Days

Tonight is an open house and A & B's preschool. I am nervous and excited. I feel like it is my first day at school. I have never been a mother of a child that goes to school, how exciting!
They don't start until next Tuesday and they are only going two half days, but already I have a ton of questions.
What do I pack for lunch? I guess I need to buy disposable spoons so if they don't come back with the lunch I won't be patting down the staff looking for my good spoons. Do you always wear sneakers to school? What if they don't make any friends? Do I give the kids the "nobody touches your private parts" speech now?

I know I am freaking out a little bit, but my babies are going to leave me four hours a day twice a week and do their own thing! That is major.

Wasn't it yesterday they were kicking in my belly? I could have sworn that was just yesterday.


  1. i'm choking up at least 2 years in advance :)

  2. Trust me, once they start going you'll wonder how you ever got anything done with them there all the time.

    It was harder on me than it was the kids when they started, but it didn't take me long at ALL to realize the advantages. I actually had a little time to myself which made me a much better mom when they were home.


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