Friday, February 23, 2007

Cleaning, Sandwiches and Business Trips

Is there anything really better then a BLT sandwich? I am craving one and I think that I will run to the store and get the supplies. I use turkey bacon and although I am so used to it by now, I don't think it tastes one bit different just a little less greasy.
I think baked potato soup would be great with it except I have never made it before. I will have to go look that one up!

Today I went to target and loaded up on my dwindling cleaning supplies and detergents. I needed it because I noticed how dusty all the pictures were in my office. Gross.

On Monday E leaves for another business trip and I will be left here bored and sad. These are the times I really miss living close to my family & friends. It would make the days go by faster if I could have a friend or two over or have dinner with my Mom.
Sigh. Maybe someday.
When I win the lottery.


  1. I like BL's. No tomato, no mayo. Just bacon, lettuce, and bread.

  2. Kevin, that is too dry for me.
    It is a very underestimated sandwich.

  3. Hmmmm, I love a good BLT... the more b the better!!

    I just spent Friday buying a plethora of cleaning products. They always come in handy in this house!!!


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