Monday, February 12, 2007

I Am Sure To Win Mother Of The Year

The kids haven't been going to bed for me very easily. The get up and play. They go full force, turn on the light and trash their room.

Sometimes I think it is because E is not home to put them to bed. Every night he sings songs to them and plays his guitar, I cannot do that, or I would, but they don't want me to.
Last night E was home and put them to bed, but still they got up and played despite threats and warnings.

SO, I hatched a plan. What if to get back at them, when they woke up in the morning we suddenly had English accents? We would have to do it all day and we couldn't break character. It would drive them crazy.
Fun for everyone, right?

This was the funniest thing I had heard last night, but perhaps that is because of the cosmos I was downing. So there we were in the family room watching the Grammys and repeating " 'ello Governor" over and over.

Then we decided we should do that once every few months or so always changing the accents one month Jamaican, the next time maybe we will just speak to them in Spanish all day.

The only problem? E cannot speak in any accents. He just kept repeating 'ello Governor over and over again. He ruins everything.

So when do I get my mother of the year award?


  1. No advice, no solutions. For the first time ever, i sent my son to bed and he fell asleep without me. I call that success here.

    As for the accents? Too damn funny- what if you did it with everyone, even when you picked up the phone??? That would be hilarious!

  2. LOL - Oh you have to do that!!!!!!

  3. ROFL - I love the idea of English accents. You could do some Mary Poppins songs!! I hate to admit my kids are awesome sleepers and I have no prob's with them in that department.

  4. Anonymous4:48 PM

    No big problems putting my kids to be here - for now. Aren't we always in flux, as a parent?

    I speak in different accents, and the masses here just LAUGH. So much for wigging them out!

  5. I'm not very good at accents either. But at least, for the Spanish one, I can roll my R's.

  6. When I was a kid my mother and I made my brother pancakes, dyed them green and denied it. He totally freaked out, I can't wait til Tess is old enough to try that one out.


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