Friday, February 02, 2007

Mmmmm Cookies

E went to the accountant today to drop off our taxes and then he is going to his best friend's house to hang out for the night. He lives so far away from us that he is spending the night and should be back home with us tomorrow at lunch time.
This makes me sad. I cannot sleep when he is not in my bed and I just miss him. Yes, it is for one night and I know what you are saying "get a hold of yourself, woman!"
I will get a hold of myself and my chick hormones.
God, I am so girly sometimes I make myself mad.

Although there seems to be some promising TV on tonight like a special on revenge, which is something I am a fan of.
Revenge, I mean. And TV.
Also, there is a Trading spouces or something of the like on, and since they asked me to be on their show and I turned them down, I like to watch and realize that no matter what other stupid decisions I have made in the past, that one was right.
You know they would have sent me to some George Bush loooving, dirty, goats in the living room, please go out and get me some road kill to make for supper, these are my 12 kids and their lice, house.
Yeah, that was a great decision.

I have already eaten 4 of the most rocking chocolate chip cookies I made last night already today.
Please save my fat ass and send me your favorite joke, youtube clip, video or website.
Momma needs something to do tonight.


  1. You are going to get porn links and stuff.

  2. Kevin, whatever gets me through the night.......

  3. I secretly enjoy when Tim is away for one night...then I get the bed all to myself. By the second night I am missing him though. Good luck!

  4. Brandi6:24 PM

    Honey was away on business for the first half of the week so I can relate. I don't sleep well when he is not home either. Then again, with his louder than life snoring, I don't sleep well when he is home either.

    Enjoy the cookies. I have eaten faaaar more than my fair share over the last few weeks. After all, misery loves company.


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