Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Waiting Is the Hardest Part

I am still not feeling 100%. I toss and turn at night, I threw up on Friday night, cold clammy the whole thing. On Sunday night I had diarrhea and didn't sleep all night. I went to my endocrinologist Monday afternoon and had blood work done as routine to check up on my thyroid. She threw in a pregnancy test because I haven't gotten mine yet, but I took a home test and it was negative.

I am thinking the upset stomach and puking was due to the potatoes I ate Friday and Sunday nights, all from the same big bag. Now, I will never eat potatoes again and that is a strong stance coming from a Irish girl.

I am hoping to hear back from my doctor's office today with results from my blood work. I hate the wait.

E doesn't come home until tomorrow night and I still cannot make a good cup of coffee!


  1. When you said you were sick, I was thinking head-cold, not pukey sick. Yuck.

    Personal question: what was the bloodwork for?

  2. Ugh, that sucks! I thought I had it bad with a sinus infection, but you win! I hope you feel better soon, I know that can't be fun.

    I'm with you on the coffee. When my husband is out of town my house turns into a no-coffee-zone mostly because if I make it, I can't drink it. Yuck!

  3. omgosh. I hope you get some relief!

  4. I hope everything turns out o.k. Do you have a neighbor who can help you out for a bit?

  5. Turning off the spud?
    Just before St. Paddy's day???
    Now dat dere is wee bit extreme dare lassy!
    Hope you are feeling better very soon...

  6. Hey~ I hope things get easier,I know how hard it is to go back nine hundred times giving blood and not getting any answers. I am going through the same stuff!Good luck!!

  7. It is bloodwork that I need to get done every year to make sure my thyroid is functioning properly since they removed half of the right lobe.

    Eventually they say as I age, I will need to go on thyroid medication, but I am holding on!


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