Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Angel of The Odd

If you haven't noticed I have had really nothing to write about for the past couple of days.

I could talk about how I still have to order over 300 pictures so I can start putting the 500 I already have here in photo albums.

How I have not knit anything in forever and I wish I could just sit down and do it, but I think I lost my knitting mojo.

Or how I am pissed at my children's preschool who have replaced their teacher again. This is the third teacher since September that my children have had. I think the education they get is terrific, but leaving my kids with a stranger for a teacher, just sets them back yet again. The inconsistency is ridiculous and for what I pay, the school is on my shit list.

Maybe I should talk about how NJ is pissing the shit out of me. We pay the highest property taxes in the US, and our sales tax has recently gone up and we can barely afford to live here. I don't have a free preschool program in my school system, although people keep telling us how great our schools are.

Hey did anyone see the Primetime special last week on Camden NJ kids? It was a real eye opener especially since I live relatively close to Camden and to Moorestown NJ which last year was voted best town to live in the U.S. They are located 10 minutes apart and one is the poorest, most crime ridden, saddest city and one is filled with rich white people and the occasional Eagle football player.

Instead I will leave you with the fact that my napoleon dynamite chapstick has run out and I couldn't find a new one at 5 below. I am very sad about this.

Winner for the worst period story will be picked out of a hat tomorrow!


  1. Our little town trumps your state tax because they had the option to tack on 2.5%. That's of course because what the hell is there to do in Asshole, Nebraska to generate enough revenue to fix our highly complicated road system. or whatever, because I really don't don't understand the whole "system".

    And everytime you have a post, I want to ask you all sorts of personal questions to follow up on some things. But I don't want to come off as a busy body...

  2. DD, go ahead.
    If someone ever asks me a personal question I don't want to answer, I just won't.

  3. I did see that special and that little boy broke my heart. He was so sweet and all he wanted in this world was to go to school and have his own home. it brought me to tears. There is no excuse for that kind of poverty. Not here. Not when we spend billions of dollars in aid to other countries. Charity begins at home.

  4. Brandi I know, it was terrible. I cried through the whole thing.

    All I wanted to do was jump in my car and try and find him and bring him food and toys.


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