Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Friends and Love

I once dated a boy that I worked with.
I loved him even.

I didn't want to date him, I resisted, he persisted. He was cute and sweet and tried everything to date me. I had tried that work/date thing and it didn't work for me, so I didn't want to.
His friends also worked with me, they asked me to a party, I went.
I started dating the boy.

The story is as old as time.
The more I liked him, the more he pulled away. "isn't this what you wanted, for me to like you?" I asked.
His silence was my answer.

One day when he was in class I cleaned his room for him. I found his ex girlfriend's name written on his books, I knew of her, she moved on. He tried to move on, with me, but he couldn't.

I stopped calling, it was months, then he called me. It had been so long I didn't even know who it was. We started again.
Heavy, deep, passionate, love.

She was still looming over our relationship, the one he couldn't have, his first love.
I had to go.

If you want me, you need to only want me.
I have never been good at sharing.

With my goodbye to him, I lost his friends.
They were his after all, they had loyalties, it was only fair.
I mourned my losses and moved on. I vowed never to date anyone I worked with again.

Breaking promises to myself was a habit, one I was glad I broke one last time, because at my next job I found my husband.
Who persisted and I relented.

Now one of my ex's friends have found me again. A long lost friend.
Although I will always miss G, I am glad to get to be friends with his friends.

It is only fair.


  1. Oy... that painful unrequited love with the fool who only wants what he can't have... i think we all have that bozo in our past!

  2. Yup. I loved the same guy in college. Sigh...

    I'm glad that you found an old friend.

  3. I agree- we all do have "that bozo" in the past. I always wonder what about these particular guys made us just let them...ya know?

  4. A break up can be hard on all of the friends involved. I am going through this with two friends of mine that have gone through a terrible break up. We are all trying to find a way to remain friends, but it takes time.

  5. Old friends are always good to find.
    Am I weird because I ran the other way when the friend of an ex was in the same place I was? Am I the only one who didn't want that connection at all anymore?

  6. I've had relationships like that, only I never had a chance to keep the friends. Such a great opportunity you've been handed...


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