Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dear Fatty Foods,

Dear spinach dip,

oh, sweet spinach dip, how I love thee. You are delicious and nutritious because you have spinach as a main ingredient! Never mind the piles of sour cream and mayo. Spinach is great for you! And we ate you with veggies, vegetables are healthy!

But I still hate you for making me fat. Go away, don't return.

Tuesday's ass.

P.S. Mr. Pumpernickel Loaf will be getting a harshly worded email as well.


  1. Is this a bad time to tell you I have a KILLER spinach and artichoke dip recipe?

  2. Yes!
    Now send it to me.

  3. That's one dip I've never tried! Must be hella good though. lol

  4. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm- spinach and artichoke dips kick ASS!!!!!

  5. It's only bad for you if you get the tainted spinach. Really. No. Really.

    And Sabrina? You've never had spinach dip? It's ambrosia.

  6. Sabrina I would invite you over but we have eaten two vats in two weeks!

    No tainted spinach for me. I try to buy from local growers!

  7. My ass is sending similar emails...

  8. My ass is jealous because she didn't have any spinach dip. But (no pun intended) she did have a neverending supply of chocolate everything.

    I am going on a serious diet. Tomorrow.


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