Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How Can We Kill Mom Week

I thought the "cranberry incident" was bad enough. I thought I told my kids enough times and they are old enough now, not to put objects in their body crevices or orifices, but I was wrong.
Go on to my other blog and read about what new thing my daughter did to stop my heart from beating.

Good times.

Also while you are there, you should comment on my blog or someone else's. My nice bosses are having a contest, should you post a comment on anyone's blog on 451 press you have a chance to win (1)$500 prize and one of (5) $100 prizes.
It is de-lurking week so continue to "out" yourself here and then go de-lurk over there!


  1. hehe, don't put balls in your mouth...funny.

  2. I'm outing, even though I am usually never in :)


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