Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's Up To You

Ok, so you have seen my face, my kids, my makeup and we have talked about death, kids and vibrators.
Can anything be next?

I guess not since I have been sitting in front of this computer for a half hour now trying to figure out what to talk about.
I swear that last night I had something good to write about that got my panties in a twist. Now, it's gone.................

I will leave it up to you, let me know what you want me to rant about, what you want to know about me, ask me a question, or I will even post a picture of what you would like to see (no nude shots, I am funny that way but a cleavage shot maybe in your future!).
Email me comment, IM, send smoke signals whatever but I am handing the reigns over to you peeps.


  1. We saw your face? How did I miss that post?

    Hmmm... so far, I am enjoying the day to day stuff... cuz with twins, it's an adventure!

  2. Did you ever post your birth story? (I wasn't so much of a stalker to read through every single one of your archives...though it's obvious if I'm requesting an already-told story...)
    Anyway- mine is long-overdue, I've been promising it since I started blogging. You do yours, I do mine. Unless yours was an easy-"Oh my goodness...they're already out?" birth, then I'll just have to kill you.

  3. I've seen your face but you can show it again also talk about vibrators again.

  4. Will, that is why I love you.


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