Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mom Dates

On Monday I took my kids to a play place that is close to my house. It was a rainy, dreary day perfect to mess up someone else's toys and that was what I was paying for. Basically to use their toys and have someone else clean up.

They were closed, so we had to go to our second favorite play place across town. It is great and big but more expensive. I bit the bullet and payed the $23.99 for both kids and in we went.
Now, I am not cheap but for that money I want the kids to play all day in there, the only problem is that for me sitting there is akin to watching toenails grow. If you could die of boredom I wouldn't be posting this right now, if you know what I mean?
As we all know I have no friends to invite so I am flying solo.

I play with my kids but after an hour I want a television and I want it now.
In walks a young mom with a two year old little girl. Very sweet looking and I smile at them and continue watching my kids.
Her daughter follows mine up the gym equipment but cannot go far because she is smaller. I start talking to the mom, casual mom talk you know, how old is your child, where do you live, do they go to school?

An hour and a half later I think this mom is so cool, she also was transplanted here a couple of years ago and had to make new friends etc.
When I took L to the bathroom I fixed my hair and put on lipgloss. I wanted to impress this mom.
Yes, I am sick.

It was time for me to go though my kids were so tired and hungry. I put on their shoes and coats and then I made a bold move.
I wrote down my name and number for my new friend on a card and gave it to her when I said goodbye.

Yes, I picked up my first mom. Are you proud of me?

I came home and told E, that I had met someone at the play place and I was in love. I told him she was perfect for me and really understands my needs and wants.
He shook his head and walked away.

He thinks I am crazy, and I am, CRAZY for my new mom friend.
Lets hope she calls, because I need a mom date and I need it bad.

*wanna talk more about mom dates, go here


  1. I love that you went and put on some lip gloss. I would have done the exact same thing.

  2. Hells yeah I put on lip gloss.

    I am not an animal!

  3. see, I have my sister, but she gets old. I wish I could be bold enough to ask another mommy out. When it gets warmer, maybe I'll do it at the park...
    Well done on primping before the number drop off!

  4. Ah, the memories! I remember my first time "picking up a mom" lol. I was like you, wicked nervous and totally scared that I was going to get shot down. She was so happy that I made the first move because she said she didn't have the guts, lol. Now we get together at least a couple of times a month, and although we haven't become "best friends" she is wonderful to hang with!

    You should join They have so many moms meetups, that is where I have met both my best friends, and plenty of weekly playdates. They have them all, probably in your area too - SAHM groups, city groups, working mom groups, everything!! I am part of 3 groups in my area and we have things planned all the time! You should look into it!

  5. I believe one of your goals for 2007 was to make a new friend in your town. It's a start. :) I hope she calls.

  6. If i go on a mom date i will have to finda a new place to live

  7. Yeah-who new it would be so hard??? When I was a kid, every mom in the neighborhood was friends with every other mom in the neighborhood! We dated all day, every day; and when we grew up enough to go to Kindergarten, we didn't want to go because we knew what we were missing.

    Now though, I'm always the ONLY SAHM in the neighborhood and, although I may know the neighbors, we aren't friends...even though I'm the one they call when there is a school holiday and they have to work and Little Johnny doesn't have a babysitter. Don't worry though...I'm no doormat, and I never say yes anymore because they won't do the same for me if I have a doctor's appointment or *GASP*-heaven forbid-would like to get a haircut!

    OK-I'll hand the mic over to someone! Hope you make a bunch of friends in the new year!

  8. Bo, no mom dates for you!

    Lori, my neighbors are great, the only thing is they are all over 50.

  9. You go Girl!

    I think you did the right thing. I know where you are coming from about the whole boredom thing. After a while I need another adult too. It's only natural if you ask me.
    Too bad we don't live closer...I would date you. LOL

  10. Damn, I am jealous...I have one mom friend who has a three month old so she is harder to grab for outings. My mother suggested to me today that I put an ad out for moms in my area...and I am seriously considering this.

  11. Hey that is how I met one of my really good mom friends. I even kinda of stalked her :) She had me at "I have a pool" Made my heart skip a beat :)

  12. I feel for you! It is funny how it feel s like your working the dating scene when it comes to meeting friends in a new city. I went through the same thing when I moved to NC. Making sure I was wearing the coolest clothes. Fixing my hair just right. Trying to be funny and laughing at the jokes of the "friend" I was trying to pick-up. It sucks...but it will get better. It's worth all the work int he end. right? Hope your mommy pal calls!


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