Thursday, January 18, 2007

A little Bit of Nothing

I admit it, I have nothing for you today. Nada.

I am too busy washing dishes by hand and cursing the gods of all appliances big and small.
Oh and did I mention my garage door opener stopped working a week or so ago? Do you know how annoying it is to open the heavy ass thing and then get in the car to back it out and get out and close the door by hand?
You know I always buckle my seatbelt prematurely out of habit only to have to unbuckle it 2 seconds later and then buckle it again.

I am also trying to write a letter to each of my kids about this past year. They will be four on Sunday and I really cannot believe it. They were so small and helpless it seems like a month ago and now they are these sweet, loving, intelligent, empathetic people who have valid concerns, likes and dislikes.
Time just slips by and I try not to miss any of their growth and life so I try to take a step back and just enjoy it.

Also? My throat hurts. Stupid forced hot air heat is killing me slowly, winter by winter.

H tagged me a couple of days ago, but I am not sure I want to do that.
Do I?

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