Monday, January 22, 2007

Sweats For Everyone

Did fasion trends change that much and I was not alerted? Is it the newest thing to wear pajama pants and slipper type shoes out in public? I am talking about tweens, teens and adults alike.
I have noticed this new fashion trend recently and I cannot imagine how anyone leaves the house like that, nevermind letting their child leave the house in glorified pajamas. I gave up when people let their preteens wear sweatpants with words on their asses, like Pink, cheer or slut.

Anywhoo, yesterday were my twin's fourth birthday. We had a small party for them with just my mom, sioster and her family and my sister in law and her two kids. R & L had a blast, the cakes they picked out were a hit, and so were the balloons we bought them.
They received a lot of nice gifts and now officially have more clothes then me. The first snow of the year fell here last night and although it was nothing much more then a dusting, the kids were so happy to see it this morning. They have been asking me for snow for a month now, which is both flattering that they think I control everything and sad, that I can't control everything, although I try.
Believe me, I try.


  1. 1.Happy Birthday to those gorgeous kids.
    2. My son has had more clothes than me since before he was born (baby shower gifts were mostly clothes)
    3.PJ's in public? Too damn cold for that.

  2. Awwwww. They're officially 4. Wow.

    I'll admit to wearing "lounge pants" in public with those beautiful bright pink crocs. But only if I want to fit in at Target or Walmart.

    I try to keep What Not to Wear in the back of my head, but sometimes I'm too damn tired to even care.

  3. Happy Birthday to the twins!

    And yes... unfortunately I have seen this trent for about 1 year now and I'm not loving it. I thought it would go away but it is getting worse and worse. Kids I can understand - the coolness factor and all - but the adults?? They are just crazy!

  4. Happy 4th birthday to the twins. And yes both my children have more clothes than my husband and I combined.

    As for your observation on the pajama pants and slippers -- I couldn't agree more. Each and every time I see that I think first don't you own a mirror and second where's Stacy and Clinton when you need them.


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