Monday, January 15, 2007

To Do

Things on my To Do list today:

Call pediatrician and ask "if a poop comes out with a metal ball in it and nobody is around to see it, did the friggin ball come out already?"
Yeah, my daughter swallowed a metal magnetix ball a week ago and I have no idea if it came out. I mean is it supposed to come out separate? Will it be noticeable in a ball of feces? What the fuck?

Go pick out birthday cake with my kids. It is their birthday on Sunday and they always each have their own cake. This year they can pick it out.

Feel better. My throat kinda hurts (it really hurts in the night. Stupid ass, forced hot air heat!) and I have been having wild dreams at night.

Make sure E made his two calls that he has been saying he will do for the past 10 days. Still not done though and today I told them they must be done or no entrance to the casa.

Wonder why I have not one, but TWO pimples? I never get pimples. Maybe one small one when I get my period but I could count on one hand how many pimples I have had last year.
What is that about?

Plan dinners for the next week. I feel like I make the same things week after week. I know my variety is better then a lot of other people's but still. I am sick and tired of coming up with new dinner ideas.
If I had it my way I would eat pasta every night anyway.


  1. I think the answer to your question is, "Yes." I once swallowed a quarter, many years ago. There was never a moment that occurred where I was able to say, "Well, at least it's out now." However, I know it's out becasue it hasn't shown up on any X-rays I've had done.

    But it doesn't hurt to get a professional opinion.

  2. When Princess swallowed the heart tag from her purse last year, the ER docs thought it was funny. Why? Because they gave R this pilgrim-hat lookin' thing to have her poop in and sift through it.

    Don't worry - so long as "things" are moving appropriately, there's not a problem. Just watch for a blockage.

    OK that's infinitely more talk about poop than I ever want to have again.

    PS - check my blog. You got tagged.

  3. You know the good thing about pasta is it can be made so many different ways it's not redundant. Especially with you, you have so many cooking ideas...
    great now I'm hungry.

    Anyhoo-so for future reference I am going to write down that metal balls are not like corn, that comes out very noticeable on the outside of the poop. They may hide inside...

  4. I swallowed a penny when I was a baby and to this day my mother loves to bring up how she had to perform a stool search until she found it.

    That's not a very useful anecdote, but it's all I've got!

  5. When I was in Kindergarten...about a million years ago...I swallowed a nickle during "naptime". Since I never could sleep, I would quietly search around for things on the floor to play with. One day I found a nickle and decided to put it in my mouth. That thought totally grosses me out now, but then, hey, that's what 5 year olds do, right? I never saw it again, but it must have because I'm 40 now and no bowel problems! lol!

    One more if you can stand it: When my 12 year old was then a baby, she had a stuffed Elmo, complete with all the red fuzz, that she used to suck on. Then one day I found a whole bunch of red fuzz in her diaper! I remember thinking, "Well, at least it's something soft.", and moving on. I don't think anything shocks me anymore! LOL!


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