Friday, January 12, 2007

Wax Poetic

Great minds think alike. Amanda had a great subject on her blog yesterday that I was just going to post.

Wait for it.

Brazilian waxing.

Now I am a girl who waxes her legs and it doesn't really hurt me. Bikini area is a whole different story.
As of a month ago I shaved everything, because I was disgusted and now my upkeep is very taxing. I have to shave every other day.
I don't have time for that shit.
I have received a bikini wax but Brazilian is a whole 'nother ball of wax. (haha) Not only is every hair ripped out, there are various positions you need to achieve so they can be ripped out.
I am not a prude but I am a little modest and being on all fours with some ladies head and hands all over my bottom doesn't sound like fun unless there is an orgasm promised.


So tell me who does it, is it as embarrassing as it seems and how often you have to make return visits.

What a great time to delurk! Today is the last day of delurking week so go ahead, pour out your soul.


  1. I have an appointment for one. Hubby asked me for his birthday (and that could be another post- the things we do for our husbands) and I am a little scared. I am not worried about someone seeing my "goods" I am more worried about the pain and the itching :)

  2. Amanda I think it itches so much more when you shave.

    AND that is a good gift for your hubby! For whatever reason the no hair thing has gone over VERY big in my house.

  3. No comment. Well, just to say I ain't commentin' on that.

    Anyway, OUCH!

  4. Nope - I have heard what my friend went through and I would be mortified. Honestly I researched this because I wrote some articles for it for a website and THE BEST thing you can do is to use pubic hair clippers. You can also use men's hair clippers if they have attachements. There is a lot less upkeep and A LOT less itching. That way you can get the "design" that you want without all the humilating poses. You can go bald, have the patch, or do something cool like an arrow pointing down or a diamond... there are TONS of them now. They are really easy to do with the clippers and although the ones made specifically for pubic hair works best, the mans hair clipper works good too!

    I have no idea where my articles ended up but if you google pubic hair grooming you will find a ton of info on it!

  5. All right, lurking over.
    Am I the only one who doesn't really get the whole 'bare down there' phenom? If the gals want to be smooth, I completely understand, but I just don't get the 'honey, will you shave for me deal'. I guess it's personel prefernce, but give me a nice well trimed bush anytime. Not a seventies jungle bush, but well groomed if you know what I mean. Maybe since I have young daughters running around I just don't see bald as sexual.
    Do any of you gals ask your husbands to lose the fur? I mean if its good for the goose...


  6. My husband didn't ask me to shave or wax for him, I have always just done it.
    I usually go for the well groomed look but I got fed up one day and went crazy with the buzzers/razor.

  7. I shave. I hate doing it but I also dont think I could stand the pain of a Brazillian, I can't take pain. (And I had a baby, go figure...)
    I did it before Hubby came along, so it kinda came with the package, but he told me he likes it so...for now I'll put up with the stupid shaving until I can get enough cojones for a Brazillian.

  8. I'll let someone do my bikini wax, but no way on the brazilian. And if my husband dared to make any request, I would require him to first take care of the back hair and do his own landscaping on the backside.

  9. Richard, I'm totally with you. Not only have I not had the balls, so to speak, to do it myself but I think it makes women look like little girls.

    Thankfully my husband's not really into that, because I think it's a little twisted.

    To each their own, but eeesh.

    LOL - "landscaping"

  10. If ever my husband made such a request...(eyebrow goes up)...I'd start to wonder about things. Now, granted, I have quite a rack, so even if I went all "bare" I certainly wouldn't look like the average 12 yr. old. But really...

  11. No way would my wife EVER do that. I, on the other hand, use the clippers on myself. The only weird side effect is that, since there's no hair down there, my boys stick to my inner thigh.

  12. Never have done it... But know the women who have just because of when it starts to grow out watching them in the school yard trying no be not too obvious as they try to itch as they wait for their kids...

  13. Just blogroll hopping and came upon your blog. Helluva first read. Personally, I've never waxed anything, and after watching the 40 Year Old Virgin, I never will. I don't know how you ladies do it. You obviously have a pain threshold that far supercedes ours.

    FYI: My wife doesn't wax but she but we do agree on regular upkeep. And I try to keep things tidy myself.

    Too much information? Probably.

  14. Been in San Diego all week, and not a lot of time to read. Damn, I missed out.

    I keep the front lawn well manicured. D doesn't like the shaven clean look. Thankfully - having someone put hot wax on my bunghole isn't my cup of tea.

    D (whee TMI), however, recently discovered the joy of the trimmer. We call it "The ManScaper 3000".

  15. Delurking week has come and gone but, I just gotta say...


    I just don't think I could sign up for that!


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