Friday, January 26, 2007

I Want Snow!

It is definitely a soup day here in NJ. For the first time it is really cold, with the wind chill I think it is like 10 degrees here. I don't really mind but I wish we would have a snow storm already.

You know the kind where nobody can get out for the day and you have a nice fire going and I cook all day tons of comfort foods. Then the kids go outside to play and it is so quiet and peaceful that you can almost hear each flake landing on top of each other. Then you all go inside to warm up and have hot chocolate in oversized mugs.
That is the day I am wanting right now.

Instead I will make some soup and stay warm on this cold but precipitation free day.

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  1. Snow?? What is that?? It is supposed be like 78 here today. Yesterday is was lik 82. I long for cold since we have like heat 6 months out of the year. What kind of soup??

  2. I'm with you on that one. I really do think cold weather is such a waste without snow.

  3. Amanad this one is my favorite!

    Brandi, I know!

  4. careful what you wish for...

    I made chili soup last night. We can't eat it the first night. It has to "ferment" a day before it's any good.

    I hope the racoons don't eat it. I left it on the deck.

  5. DD, fork over that recipe.

  6. We had a little snow today and my boss closed our work. So woo hoo for a snow day (so I can catch up on my blogs!)

  7. Yes, I definitely love a good snow day every great once in a while. If only it would just stick around for ONE day though, instead of the whole week, then I'd be truly happy.

  8. Hi there!

    Just wanted to say hi, I came across your blog thru someones blogroll. :)


  9. All of our snow just melted. I'm ready for more though. Hope you get some soon!


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