Tuesday, January 02, 2007


NYE was spent the way I thought I was going to with a ton of food (that I did not each much of) a ton of alcohol (that I did drink very much of) in comfy clothes, although not pajamas and watching bad tv.
I did stay up and see the stupid ball drop, I have no idea why, you seen one ball drop you have seen them all.

Yesterday E & I took the kids to the children's museum. If you wore pajamas then you got in free and since my annual membership had just run out, the kids were going to wear pajamas.
I am not.

Then I began to wonder, if I was going to wear pajamas out would you just wake up and go out or would you change into "dressy" pajamas? Then would you change into another pair of pajamas to go to bed?
I would assume so because dirty street clothes under your sheets? Yuk.

So this pajama debate was in my head the whole time I was there because there was a bunch of adults in their PJs and some with feather boas and some complete with robes.
And one creepy man who kept staring at me.

Today I am going to start taking down my Christmas decorations which always makes me melancholy. I feel like I just put them up, but it has been a month.

So far 2007 has been boring but in a good way and warm! We haven't seen a single flake of snow here this winter and it doesn't look like we will anytime soon.
Ahhhh, global warming.


  1. I was wishing for snow for Xmas, shot that right to hell...

    As for the PJ's, there would have to be some cute 'going out' pj's to be worn out in public, not for sleeping. I don't know about the feather boas, what was that about? (And it wasn't E was it??? LOL)

  2. I am with you...
    I am taking down the Xmas decorations... and the holiday is a blur...
    and as for PJ's out in public???
    why??? why???

  3. Oh, you definitely have to have "going out" pajamas. Even if it's to do a continental breakfast at a hotel. Please. The last thing I want to see first thing in the morning is someone's unrestrained and pendulous breasts hovering over the cereal because they didn't bother with either a sweatshirt, a sports bra or a change of clothes. Blech.

  4. Diana, no E left his boa at home.

    DD, I am sorry, I swear next time I will wear a bra.

  5. Mama of 24:51 AM

    I think the only one in our family who wouldn't have gone in his pjs would have been my hubby. Little man would have jumped at the chance and well Girlie Girlie wears what I dress her in. LOL! As for me I got a new set of jammies for Christmas so I more than likely would have worn them. Hey free is free right?


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