Sunday, January 28, 2007

Men May Want to Skip This One

Lets talk about pads, shall we?
Walking down the women's health and beauty aids aisle, blows my mind every time. I usually know my products, go in and get it but when I have to browse for something, I go crazy. A million products all for the same thing, but all slightly different.

Long pads, short pads, skinny pads, HUGE pads, panty liners, panty liners that are for your purse, tampons, HUGE tampons, slender tampons, XXX tampons. It is enough to make you crazy.

I did see a new item I have never seen before, the thong panty liner.
Is this necessary?
Do women love their thongs that much to have to wear it when you need a panty liner? Because I know when I have my period I want to be comfortable, as comfortable as my uterus allows me to be, which includes a full coverage brief.
Panty lines on my ass are the last thing I worry about, so you know I am wearing underwear, I also have my period, is that enough info for you?
I wear thongs as much as the next girl, but if I need to desperately not show a panty line under pants, I switch it up to a boy short, not a thong with a liner attached to it.
I just don't get this.

Educate me.


  1. Quite frankly, I don't get the thong, either. If it's pantylines I'm worrying about, I just go parishilton style.

  2. It's not just you...the thong-liner concept is gross.

    You don't want something...especially something that's sticky on one side, bunching up back there. You would have to walk around unsticking your cheeks all day.

  3. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Ha! That's funny. I go for the same brands each time...OB and Always. Nothing more. No confusion. In and out. Because that aisle makes me sweat.

    I have worn g-sting panty-liners before...Back in the good ole days when a g-string didn't get lost up the arse...and I always wear a liner so it just made sense...tmi?

    So they did serve their part...back in the day.

  4. I honestly think there are too many products out on the market for most things. I believe it's done as a marketing ploy to confuse us into purchasing the most expensive things out there.

    Okay as for the thong/pantyline thing NO THANK YOU I'd rather go pantiless than do the thong thing. As a matter of fact I do.

  5. I think if you're comfortable wearing a thong during "that time" then you should be comfortable using a tampon. That's all I use anyway. I don't know how women run around with those God-awful pads on. It's like wearing a diaper.

  6. Now are you wimmins going commando with jeans?
    That is just wrong also.

  7. Always ultra-thin super, long with flexi-wings - yep, the only brand to buy! Of course just saying it takes longer than buying it ;)

  8. Thong panty liners? That is just gross.

  9. I'm with you Brandi. I happily abandoned the pad at 14, and not a moment too soon!!

  10. I am not a pad girl, but I do love my liners.

    I had to wear one every day when I was pregnant. Ahem.

  11. Takin a trip down TMI lane:

    I can't use tampons anymore. I get serious migraines with them, and have noticed a major decrease in the migraines since I've stopped using them.

    Left turn:

    I also love the Always longs with wings. Green wrapper.

  12. Speaking of TMI: pads...liners, liners...pads... My issue with either is having a chunk of adhesive wider than the area it's supposed to be "protecting."

    Regardless of which, things bunch and leak (wings be damned), and/or I have, ahem, little bald patches from over-aggressive adhesive. Well, not literally, but you get my point! :)

    Am I missing something here, ladies??

  13. Personally, I like the thong panty liners. I use them every month. Even with a tampon, there's bound to be some spotting... I used to cut down regular liners to fit in t a thong (not easy) before they invented the thong liners. Days right before my period, or after, the thong liners are a perfect safety 'just in case'.


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