Monday, January 15, 2007

The Ball

R pooped tonight and when she called for someone to wipe her butt, I do what I always do. I turned to E and said "not it".
I figure if you are a master wiper, why not show off your skillz.

He went above and beyond though, on this call of duty (heee) and pushed on the poop with a wipe to see if anything was inside.
There was.
A small little ball that used to be silver but was now black.

Thank goodness.

R wanted to hold it and keep it but that went straight into the garbage never to return to this house.
We don't keep anything that came out of our bodies in this house.
It is a silly little rule we have.

Well, except the kids and even that was a debate.


  1. Anonymous6:40 AM


    I do all the wiping. Hubby doesn't do pee, poop or puke unless he HAS to. And that means if I'm not home, and none of the neighbors are home in the 10 town area. lol

  2. I can still remember the echoes of both of my younger brothers...."DAAAAD WIIIIPE MEEEEEE!"

  3. Brandi2:48 PM

    It figures he wanted to keep it. Men seem to marvel at the strangest things.

  4. I probably would have used one of the Magnetix sticks to see if the ball was in there. Those Magnetix are STRONG.

  5. Anonymous5:05 PM

    I meant to post this link for you to read. Those magnetix are DANGEROUS. Please read. xoxo


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