Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Southern Lady At Heart

The post and the comments the other day got me thinking about NJ. You can't live anywhere in NJ without traffic, they go together. It is a highly populated state and although we have the highest property taxes in the US and various other taxes we still have toll roads.

My husband is going to Atlanta on business next month and I wish I could go with him. There is a chance we will have to move temporarily to another state if he gets the promotion he is due for any month now, and I find myself wishing it was a southern state (it is not).
I wish for a slower lifestyle.
I want to eat fried dough for breakfast.
I want to say y'all.
I want the high school football game to be my staple Friday night.
I want to eat good BBQ
I want to have tea and little sandwiches without crusts with my friends once a week.
I want to sound sweet even when I am mad.
I want to be able to buy a house down the street from my parents, in the town where I grew up and all my friends still live.

BUT, I couldn't leave my family. My entire family is here and I could never leave them. I maybe too cynical for the slower, southern lifestyle. I am too fast.
There are worse places to live then NJ. Right?
I grew up 15 minutes outside of NYC, I could go hiking, to the beach, skiing or to Philly or NYC all in the same day if I wanted.
This is where I am supposed to be.

In the meantime I will have to practice saying "Fuck y'all" with a nice southern drawl with a touch of my NJ attitude.


  1. You crack me up!! Sandwiches with your friends each week? LOL

    You know what's really funny... Ft. Worth is very much a slow paced, easy going life loving it's history. Much of the surrounding area is rural and I love it, but it's still only a 10 or 15minute drive to get to any major area of town. Dallas, a 30 minute drive away, is fast paced and is focused more on technology and the arts. So it's all here.

    Atlanta is reaaaally different. We have to go there a couple times a year for my daughter's basketball. She plays junior olympic basketball and we're all over the country all year long. Atlanta has traffic, alot of it, but it doesn't sound like it's as bad as yours!!

    btw. my blog is at

  2. LOL - I have to laugh at that - because I live in what is technically the "South", NC to be exact, and I can honestly say there are more Northerners then their are southerners... so you probably won't be eating sandwiches and saying y' You can get good BBQ though!

  3. Everyone from NJ is moving to the NC. It is southern enough for us without being TOO southern. And WAYYYYY cheaper.

    I am NOT going anywhere unless there are small sandwhiches and I get to say y'all constantly like Paula Deen.

  4. I live in NC too, and yes, there are a lot of transplants (myself included!) and while I do hear "Y'all" all the time, I've yet to see the cute sandwiches you're looking for.

    I don't blame you for not wanting to move away from what you've known. I can't imagine having lived somewhere my whole life and the thought of moving!

  5. I love the way you describe the south.

    Tell you what, I'll do you up a proper English Tea (cute cucumber sandwiches...the works) if we're ever in the South together.

  6. Buffy, THAT is a deal!

  7. People can't believe it when I say that I can't imagine living anywhere else but NJ. I too am less than a half hour from the city, 45 minutes from the shore and you get spoiled with location like that. There is no other explanation for so many people putting up with the crowds we've got. Plus, the last time I visited my grandmother in NC everyone said they couldn't understand my sister and I because we talked too fast :)

  8. Brandi7:03 PM

    My entire family on both sides is from North Carolina with the exception of those who emigrated from lands afar.

    I love it there. People are friendly and the food is great but after a week of eating BBQ and drinking sweet tea, the novelty wears off. Quick.


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