Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Worst

I cried, I begged, I pleaded. "Don't do this to me!" I cried.
"Haven't I been good to you, isn't this a great home I made for you?"

Still, the damage was done.

I have to face the facts, the truth.

My dishwasher has died.

This is devastating news because I am a person who hates to do dishes. HATE. I will do laundry, I will vacuum, I will sweep and dust but I hate doing dishes.
I think I hate sponges. They skeeve me and I end up throwing it out right after I use it or I will see a sponge on the sink but get a new one anyway because who knows how long that one has been used for and what did it clean? Gross things or what?*

Yes, for months you had to lovingly slam the door shut in order for the machine to start working, yes we had no idea how old the appliance was when we bought the house 2.5 years ago, but it looked new.
That should count for something.

I begged it to wait until we got our tax return money. It shit on me.
Now I have to get a new one and I do have 10 people coming over on Sunday for the kid's birthday.

I am going to buy paper plates and utensils right now.
Did I mention I hate to wash dishes?

*Yes, I am fully aware I have issues.


  1. We would have to move if our dishwasher shut down.

  2. That sucks a big one. Hope you can get a new one soon.

  3. Yuck - sponges skeeve me out too. I don't think that qualifies technically as an Issue; maybe a slight neurosis? But c'mon! Sponges, with all their little holes and pockets are like high-rise condos for bacteria. Blech.

  4. You should do what we did. When we bought our house it was 30 years old. We took out a home warranty through First American (I can give you their number if you'd like). In the 7 years we've been in this house we have gotten a new oven, new cook top, new central heating and A/C, new water heater and they have fixed any number of things from toilets, to drain clogs all for a service fee of $45. We pay a monthly fee of $30. That warranty has been well worth every penny we spent on it because if your luck is anything like mine the shit only hits the fan when there is no money to clean it up.

  5. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Omg, you HAVE read my read MY dishwasher hell stories lately, right? I SOOO feel your pain!

    HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE washing dishes by hand!!!

  6. Oh girl I hear you. Last year this time my dishwasher that was just about 2 years old died an untimely death...a premature one if you ask me. And I like you don't enjoy doing dishes at all. I seem to get out of the kitchen much faster when a dishwasher is involved. So we bought a new one right quick and I have been a happy girl ever since. Next to my front loading washer my dishwasher is by far my favorite appliance.

  7. I heard on the news today that if you microwave your sponge for two minutes it kills all of the bacteria, even e.coli. Hope that helps till you get a new dishwasher. :)


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